Festival Guide | The Great Huon Valley Festival. music. arts. adventures. Festival Guide | The Great Huon Valley Festival. music. arts. adventures.


Festival Guide


The Great Huon Valley Festival will be held on the foreshore in Franklin, Tasmania on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th November.

There will be a limited ticket release. Please buy your tickets on time to avoid disappointments.


  • Festival Arena
  • Saturday 10th November | 11:30 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Sunday 11th November | 10:00 AM – 06:00 PM
  • Campsites
  • Saturday 10th November –10:30 AM to Monday 12th – 12:00 PM
  • Please collect your wrist-bands at the box office before camping.



MUSIC | Main Stage

SATURDAY 10.11.18

SUNDAY 11.11.18

11:45 AM The Surreal Estate Agents 10:15 AM Kashkin
12:30 PM Frumious 11:15 AM Electric Minstrels
1:15 PM Dominic Frances Ensemble 12:15 PM Jed Appleton
2:00 PM Tiffany Eckhart & Dave Steel 1:15 PM Paul Fenton “Dr. Beat”
2:45 PM Ogopogo 2:15 PM Day Star Duo
3:45 PM 8 Foot Felix 3:15 PM Justin O’Garey
4:45 PM Spiral Kites 4:30 PM Hannah May
5:45 PM Enola Fall 5:15 PM Skooterz
6:45 PM The Bad Dad Orchestra
7:45 PM Asta
8:45 PM The Wolfe Brothers

Comedy & Arts | Palais Theatre

Saturday 10.11.18

2:00 PM Gates Open 3:00 PM Tim Logan 4:05 PM Matt Okine
2:15 PM Belly Dancers 3:15 PM Mick Davies 4:30 PM Intermission
2:30 PM Intermission 3:30 PM Tracey Cosgrove 4:45 PM Poetry
2:45 PM Belly Dancers 3:45 PM Emesha Rudolf 5:00 PM Belly Dancers
3:55 PM Mick Lowenstein

Please note: Opening times and running orders are subject to change without warning, all changes will be shown at the Information Booth, published in locations onsite and posted online.


For more details of about scheduled activities, wood chopping competitions, entertainment, stalls and adventures download the full festival program below.


Public Transport

TassieLink buses will be running from Hobart and regional bus stops to the festival, following the regular bus routes. For more details, refer to the TassieLink bus schedule.

Festival Shuttle Bus

Evan’s Coaches will be operating additional services through the weekend between Huonville and Geeveston:

Shuttle Bus

Geeveston & Port Huon Departures

$5 Each way cash only (Evan’s Coaches) 

11:30 AM – Geeveston Town Centre

11:35 AM –  Kermandie Waterfront Hotel & Shipwrights Pt

01:30 PM – Geeveston Town Centre

1:35 AM –  Kermandie Waterfront Hotel & Shipwrights Pt

05:30 PM – Geeveston Town Centre

05:35 PM – Kermandie Waterfront Hotel & Shipwrights Pt

Shuttle Bus

Huonville Departures

$5 Each way cash only  (Evan’s Coaches). 

03:15 PM – Skinner Drive Interchange

06:15 PM – Skinner Drive Interchange







Shuttle Bus

Return – Depart Franklin Palais Theartre@ 10:00 PM on Saturday and 6:00 PM on Sunday

To Huonville – $5 cash only

To Geeveston – $5 cash only

To Kingston – $15 cash only

Public Bus Stops only.





Airwalk & Hastings Caves Tours

Pre-bookings only to be arranged onsite at the festival information kiosk. 10pax minimum @ $20 per person.


There will free parking available in Franklin within walking distance of the festival arena (refer to interactive map above). Free overflow parking with connecting bus services within walking distance, will be available in the following locations:

  • Ranelagh: Village Green | Nearest Bus Stop: Ranelagh General Store
  • Huonville: Skinner Drive car park and Huon Archers paddock | Huonville Bus Interchange
  • Port Huon: Shipwrights Point and Kermandie Waterfront Hotel | Nearest Bus Stop: Trading Post
  • Geeveston: Kermandie Football Oval and Geeveston township | Nearest Bus Stop: Geeveston Bus Stop


RV/Campervan sites on festival grounds are now fully SOLD OUT.

Premium and regular tent campsites are still available. Regular tents are fine to bring as long as they fit within a 5m x 5m area. EACH CAMPER MUST HOLD THEIR OWN CAMPING PASS. 

In the interest of safety, Caravans and other vehicles (cars, trailer tents etc) are not permitted inside the campsite, unless otherwise specified. Please email festival@thegreathuonvalley.com.au if you have any concerns. Refer to the festival map for more details.


Only one (1) child under the age of 10 is entitled to free entry with every ticket holding adult. ie. For every two day/weekend/camping tickets purchased, you’re entitled to two kids entry free of charge. For every four tickets, you’re entitled to four kids entry free of charge.

Any additional children will be charged the full ticket price. Babies do not require a ticket under any circumstances.

Children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult aged 18 or over at all times.

All under 16s must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who is over 18 years old and this adult must remain on site throughout the day.

The Great Huon Valley Festival is an all ages event. No age restrictions apply. However, Proof of age/ID may be required when purchasing alcoholic beverages.



Your safety is our priority and we’ve put in place all necessary measures to maximise public safety, working closely with local authorities at the highest level. We ask that you also play a part in keeping The Great Huon Valley Festival safe and secure, so please take note of our messages below, pack accordingly and stay strong together.


Certain items are not allowed within the arena or the campsites.You may be body and/or bag searched at the entrances. Persons suspected of carrying items that may be used in an offensive or dangerous manner, or carrying out illegal activities onsite may be searched.

*  Please note: The Great Huon Valley Festival/Huon Valley Promotions or personnel appointed by Huon Valley Promotions can refuse entry/possession of any items below at their discretion.

Aerosols over 200ml N Y
Airhorns and megaphones N N
Alcohol N Y
Animals (Other than Guide Dogs or Hearing Dogs) N N
Any Alcohol in possession of anyone under 18 N N
Any Good for unauthorised trading N N
Any Good with unauthorised Great Huon Valley Festival logos N N
Any items which may cause danger, offence or disruption to any other person N N
Any items which may reasonably be considered for use as a weapon N N
Blowtorches N N
Cameras, film or video equipment Y Y
Camping Equipment N Y
Cans N Y
Deodorant Roll On Y Y
Disposable barbeques N N
Drinks Bottles (other than SEALED plastic water/soft drinks bottles under 500ml or SEALED cartons of Juice) N Y
Drones N N
Electrical Generators N Y
Excessive Amounts of Cigarettes (more than personal consumption) N N
Excessive Amounts of Food (more than personal consumption) N N
Firewood N N
Fireworks/Pyrotechnics N N
Flags with Poles Y Y
Flags without Poles Y Y
Flares/Distress Flares N N
Food Hampers / Cool Bag / Boxes (if food is for personal consumption) N Y
Gazebos N Y
Generators (Exemption for generators in caravans) N Y
Glass N N
Illegal Substances N N
Laser Pens N N
Leatherman Multi Tools N Y
Legal Highs N N
Medication (if accompanied by a doctor’s note / prescription or if it is recognisable) Y Y
New Psychoactive Substances(NPS) N N
Nitrus Oxide and any associated equipment (Balloons, Co2 dispensers, cream dispensers) N N
Oversized Lighters N N
Paper Lanterns N N
Perfume in small bottles under 100ml Y Y
Petrol Burners N N
Portable Laser Equipment and Pens N N
Selfie Sticks N Y
Small hammers for pitching tents N Y
Sound systems N N
Spray Cans N N
Tin Openers N Y
Umbrellas Y Y
Unidentifiable Substances N N
Unofficial Tabards or Reflective Jackets N N
Solid Fuel / Hexi Stoves N Y
Meth Stoves Including Fuel N Y
Green Base Camp Cooker N Y
Heat based Camp Cooker N Y
Gel Stoves N Y
Firelighter Stoves N Y
Gas Stoves (Canisters < 2.7kg) N Y


All public and working enclosed spaces onsite are no smoking, including all stages. All tents and marquees onsite in the Festival Arena are also no smoking. This includes electronic cigarettes.

Smoking is only permitted in designed smoking areas outside the Festival Arena. If you do smoke, please use the butt bins to dispose of your cigarette ends in the designated smoking areas.


You may be required to provide a valid photo ID when purchasing alcoholic beverages. The following forms of identification are accepted:

  • A Passport (Not a photocopy)
  • Driving License
  • A Proof of Age Card

Fore more information, please send submit an inquiry through the Contact Us page or email us directly festival@thegreathuonvalley.com.au